412 and Beyond

The Journey is the Adventure

412 is the Area Code for Pittsburgh, PA
My Class B RV is a Coachmen "Beyond"
Adventures take me in and around "412 and Beyond"

Coachmen Beyond Class B RV

My Coachmen Beyond is a 2021 RV built on a 2020 Ford Transit 350 HD (Heavy Duty). 

My version of the Beyond is a 22C. The “C” is because it has a couch that coverts to a bed.  Click below for more RV and Transit Info.

Many people name their vans. I guess mine can be called the “Nittany Van”.

Van Tour

The RV is 22 feet long and can be parked in most parking spots.  It has a ton of power and is very easy to drive.

It has 630 amp-hour of lithium batteries.  The batteries are charged 3 ways: 

1) Solar.  It has two 100 watt solar panels on the roof. 

2) Plugging the van into an electrical outlet.  The van uses a 30 amp plug but can also use an adapter to plug into a regular household outlet.  

3) The van has a second alternator in the van engine area that charges the lithium batteries

Bath Time!

How do I wash the van?

At home I use a pressure washer and a microfiber cloth on a long pole.  

I also go to “wash your own vehicle” car washes that have tall door openings.  (The van is 9 foot 11 inches tall)

Below you can see that I stopped at a Blue Beacon Truck Wash.  Blue Beacon is typically located at Pilot truck gas stations along major highways.

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